• Company Introduction


    Mansruang Engineering Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of automatic packaging machines in with designing,
    manufacturing, R&D, marketing, and complete technical service.

    We have the modern production line and more than 10well-trained employees,Replica Audemars Piguet City of Sails Watches with the largest production capacity
    of 120 sets of automatic packaging machines per year, which is already the top 5 biggest manufacturers in
    Thailand. Mansruang can offer you with high quality and professional Automatic pa cking form fill seal machines.
    Our main products are Horizontal form fill seal, Vertical form fill seal, Hi speed vertical form fill seal ,
    Sachet/Multilane, Horizontal/Vertical Multipack, Case Packer, Palettizer Multihead weighers, Linear weighers, check-
    weigher, Metal detector and other drones for sale related weighing and packaging accessories.

    We design under standard such as GMP, HACCP used in the food and non food industry, being applicable for most
    kinds of products. Our machines are perfectly combined or integrate to automatic line precision and reliable quality.
    We design and produce machinery according to the customer’s needs.